Environmentally responsible approach:

Our project to create an ecological house is part of a responsible approach to minimizing negative environmental impacts.

We attach great importance to ecological environment, which enables our guests to enjoy a pleasant stay at our house . Here are some of our actions, which will be further complemented in the future.

Water: quality and saving

The irrigation of the garden and vegetable garden is done exclusively with rainwater.
The cranes are equipped with water-saving heads.


Lighting and appliances are based on the most stringent current environmental and consumer standards.

Maintenance products

Shower gel, liquid soap and cleaning products are all based on environmentally friendly ingredients.

Regarding your nutrition

We buy only organic and fair trade products from local suppliers.

From our garden we share our organically grown vegetables ancient unmodified varieties and our own fresh eggs with our guests.


We compost all organic waste in order to reuse it in our garden.

Separate waste collection

We offer you a separate waste collection system